miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Partners' favourite things ...

My favourite…
1)Complete the chart with your favourite things.
Book: Romeo y Julieta.
Megazine: para teens.
Colour:  violet.
Tv Programme: 1000 oficios.
Cd: Arcángel.                        Number: two.
Possession: computer.

2) write about your favourite things.
I´ve got two  favourite things:
My cd and my computer.

3)Preguntas a ximena.

3) Sit in groups. ask and answer questions about favourite things.

  ~ What's your favourite thing?

 I've got two favorite things:
- My TV and computer
my computer is modern and
my TV is big and gray.

~ Is it old?
- No, it is not.

~  What color is it?

-tv gray and black computer
 ~ Have you got a ...?

-tv and computer.

 ~ Is it small?
-No, it is not.

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